Chris Brooks & Rebecca Kolins Givan

Chris Brooks is a labor journalist from Tennessee and a graduate of the labor studies program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He currently works as a staff writer at Labor NotesRebecca Kolins Givan is associate professor in the school of management labor relations at Rutgers University.

Recent Articles

Labor Raises the Floor in Nashville

As construction booms in an increasingly progressive city, workers find the power to unionize in the otherwise non-union South.

You can’t spend much time in Nashville without someone telling you that 100 people move to the city every day . The city is growing at a pace similar to that of Seattle or Silicon Valley , and developers are putting up new corporate headquarters, entertainment venues, and luxury hotels as fast as they possibly can. The Nashville skyline boasts more cranes than New York City . Construction is intense. Vibrations from a $1 billion, four-million-square-foot mega-development in downtown Nashville shook the foundations of the nearby Frist Museum so badly that curators had to box up and ship back an art exhibit on loan from the British Museum before it was damaged. There were more than 100 hotels in development last year as investors raced to meet the soaring demand from the city’s explosive growth in tourism . Kitschy honky-tonks on Broadway are routinely flooded with throngs of visiting bachelorettes enjoying the city’s weekend nightlife. Celebrities like Jack White and...