Donald Shaw & Alex Kotch

Donald Shaw is a money-in-politics reporter and a co-founder of Sludge.

Alex Kotch is a senior investigative reporter and editor at Sludge. Follow him on Twitter: @AlexKotch

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Wealthy, White, and Over 50: The Demographics of the Democrats' Biggest Presidential Donors

Sludge and Data for Progress analyzed the Democratic presidential candidates' donors by income, race, gender, age, and ideology.

agenda_2020.jpg Sludge produces investigative journalism on lobbying and money in politics. The American Prospect is re-publishing this article. As dozens of Democrats compete to become their party’s nominee for president of the United States, Sludge and Data for Progress have analyzed the individuals who made campaign contributions totaling over $200 to the candidates in the first half of 2019 to create demographic profiles of the candidates’ donor bases. For the 2020 presidential cycle, our analysis is the first comprehensive breakdown of donors by income, race, gender, age, and ideology. The analysis, which includes the 19 Democrats who qualified for both Democratic debates, uses income, race, gender, age, and political ideology information from third-party voter databases . It covers contributions made from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019, and only includes itemized donors, the vast majority of whom gave more than $200 to a 2020 presidential campaign committee. It is...