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Ban Staffers from Working on Fundraising

Conflicts arise from the same individuals working for the government and working to raise money for candidates, and it damages democracy.

on_background.jpg Congressional staffers are not authorized to speak on the record; they typically give information “ on background ,” meaning reporters can use it but cannot quote the sources by name. Often staffer stories inform what really goes on behind the scenes in Washington. The Prospect is publishing unfiltered thoughts directly from Congressional staffers, to bridge this knowledge gap about life on the Hill. If you’re a Hill staffer and want to contribute to On Background, email onbackground@prospect.org . How to make the Hill a better place to work has come up a lot in the news these days. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is setting a great standard for how to do it right, and on the other side, Amy Klobuchar has shown how to do it wrong . Since I have a few years on the Hill under my belt, I’m often asked for my opinion. The Hill needs change. As Senator Warren might put it, “big structural change.” Paying staffers more and giving them actual...