Janelle Wong

Janelle Wong, the author of Immigrants, Evangelicals and Politics in an Era of Demographic Change (Russell Sage), is a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland College Park.

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Untapping the Potential of Black, Latino, and Asian American Evangelical Voters

Both major parties have largely failed to court this faith community. But Democrats need to step up their outreach or they will miss out on an important group of possible supporters.

White evangelicals have been in the media spotlight since they helped Donald Trump secure the presidency nearly two years ago. But there’s a critical blind spot in the common narrative about this faith group’s politics: White people are far from the only evangelicals in the United States. Today, one out of every seven evangelicals in the U.S. is of Asian or Latino origin, and together with African American evangelicals, non-White evangelicals make-up nearly one-third of the evangelical population overall. These groups have been largely ignored by the news media, yet this cohort will likely be a game changer in American politics. With the United States undergoing tremendous demographic shifts, religious voters of color are an untapped and growing constituency, one that’s within reach of both parties. Yet there is little indication that the Democratic and Republican parties have grasped the potential of mobilizing the diverse members of this faith community around the...