John Judis

John B. Judis is an editor at large at Talking Points Memo and the author of The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics.

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Citizen Kawasaki: Race, Unions, and the Japanese Employer in America

Some economists have hailed the new model of management and employee relations that Japanese corporations practice at home and are allegedly bringing to America. The story of Kawasaki isn’t so encouraging.

As Japanese conglomerates swallow up Manhattan skyscrapers and Hollywood film studios, and as Japanese factories spread across the industrial landscape, from Peterborough, New Hampshire to San Diego, California, many Americans have become fearful that their economic sovereignty is at stake. Will the basic decisions about whether a midwestern town thrives or withers now be made in Osaka and Tokyo? Will decades-old patterns of work and life be disrupted to fit the needs of foreign owners? No doubt these fears are exaggerated. Foreign investment has bolstered our economy; more than a century ago, it helped lay the groundwork for America's Industrial Revolution. But some policy experts, in dismissing public fears about Japanese direct investment, go farther than merely saying that it is benign. They contend that Japanese firms set a positive example, for which we ought to feel thankful. The Japanese, these experts say, are bringing superior methods of industrial organization to the United...