Jonathan Friedman & Summer Lopez

Jonathan Friedman is project director for campus free speech at PEN America. Summer Lopez is senior director of free expression programs at PEN America.

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A Response to Aaron Freedman

PEN America argues that conservatives are not the only ones concerned with free speech on campus; Aaron Freedman responds.

prospect_debates.jpg Last week, Aaron Freedman wrote for the Prospect that the loudest online promoters of “free speech” were being funded by the Koch network and were concerned primarily with making room for conservative thought and suppressing the voices of everyone else. PEN America, a nonprofit coalition of writers dedicated to free expression, asked to write a reaction. We publish that here, with Aaron Freedman also responding. A piece by Aaron Freedman in The American Prospect last week made the case that there is a “free speech movement” attacking college campuses, funded by the Koch brothers and motivated by conservative political and ideological aims. The piece lays out some of the contemporary landscape of actors concerned with campus free speech; but it is an incomplete picture. Our organization, PEN America, firmly believes—as Freedman also implies—that the defense of free speech should not be a partisan issue. We do not deny that for...