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Kate Kizer is the policy director of Win Without War. Follow her on Twitter: @KateKizer.

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The UAE’s Dominant Role in Trump-Era Foreign Policy

The Emirates is more like a fox in the henhouse than a viable partner for building regional peace and security.

This week, the House Oversight Committee revealed new depths of Gulf influence in the Trump administration: The United Arab Emirates had the chance to edit Trump’s campaign speeches. That bombshell story comes days after the president vetoed resolutions blocking weapons sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia over the objections of bipartisan majorities in Congress. While many policymakers and pundits in Washington take the UAE’s slick public-relations campaigns about its valuable partnership with the United States at face value, these revelations and votes reveal that cracks are developing in that façade. The Trump administration’s deference to foreign and corporate influence is hardly surprising given Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s propensity to conduct shadow foreign policy . Besides blips of scrutiny, there has yet to be a systematic evaluation of the UAE’s regional intentions, which have critical consequences for U.S. policy in the Middle East...