Mary Pilon

Mary Pilon is the author of the bestsellers The Kevin Show and The Monopolists. Pilon has worked as a staff reporter at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and as an Emmy-nominated producer for NBC Sports at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her work, chiefly about sports and business, regular appears in The New YorkerEsquire, MSNBC, VicePolitico, and Bloomberg Businessweek, among other news outlets.

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The Real Queens of the Road: Truckers’ #MeToo Movement

Female trucker activists are fighting back against pervasive sexual harassment at one firm by going after the Fortune 500 clients they ship packages for.

Not long after Claudia Lopez began her career in trucking, a male colleague began to touch her back and legs without her consent, and repeatedly told her that he wanted to “marry her after he’s back from 28 days” of training. Lopez later said that the man did this in front of others. She also saw him tell another female driver that her “shirt was too long,” meaning it covered her rear end. Lopez said that she told a human resources representative at the company that employed both of them, and nothing happened. Her account is one of many tales of sexual harassment experienced by women in trucking. More than 300 women, including Lopez, say that they were sexually harassed on the job at Cedar Rapids Steel Transport, known today as CRST. Rain or shine, CRST female truckers would deliver for mammoth companies like FedEx, Boeing, and Amazon. In the process, the drivers for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa–based company said that they were sexually harassed,...