Phillip Gunson

Phillip Gunson is a senior analyst for International Crisis Group based in Caracas.

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Maduro, Guaidó, and the Future of Venezuela

As a renewed crackdown roils Venezuela’s opposition, foreign allies must push for a negotiated outcome.

Four months ago, a revitalized Venezuelan opposition launched an audacious plan to force the embattled Nicolás Maduro from power. With the backing of Washington, most of its Latin American neighbors, and various European states, it declared the newly elected chair of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, the country’s legitimate, interim president. Calling on the military to switch sides, Guaidó proposed a three-point solution to Venezuela’s acute political, economic, and humanitarian crisis. First, Maduro must go; then a “transitional government” would be installed; and finally, fresh elections would be held under international supervision. The Trump administration, which had worked with hardliners in the opposition as they framed the plan, announced a drastic new sanctions regime aimed at cutting off the oil revenue on which the Maduro government depends for most of its hard-currency earnings. It pointedly refused to rule out military...