Terri Gerstein

Terri Gerstein is the director of the State and Local Enforcement Project at the Harvard Law School Labor and Worklife Program.

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American Airlines Sues to Make Travelers Sicker

Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press
Earlier this month, just in time for people’s summer vacations, American Airlines took a legal action that has the potential to expose travelers to more germs. The airline sued New York City over its paid sick leave laws. This is perhaps not the best public-relations move by an industry widely seen as a conveyor of illness. Travelers board planes armed with Clorox wipes; pharmacy shelves carry whole lines of preflight immunity-boosting elixirs. You would think the airlines would want sick employees to stay home, so they wouldn’t spread germs in airports filled with travelers and airplanes filled with recirculated air. Although it has largely flown under the radar, American’s lawsuit is actually one of several brought in the past few years by airlines fighting paid sick leave laws. The industry association Airlines for America sued Massachusetts and Washington state last year, and Delta Airlines sued New York City the year before; all of those lawsuits are currently...